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The company settled charges over its options practices with the US Securities and Exchange Commission in 2007 without admitting wrongdoing or paying a fine.In 2007, the SEC also filed fraud charges against Berry for her alleged role in the backdating scandal. On Thursday, Juniper Networks also said it has setup a new business group to create new applications for its Junos operating system and get more third-party developers in on the act as well.Juniper's recently updated corporate image attempts to set itself apart from market leader Cisco by promoting the Junos ecosystem as more "open" to carriers and third-party developers making their own custom applications for specific networking needs.Leelanivas said in a statement that the new business group's initial task will be drawing up a roadmap for Project Falcon — an important task as Cisco begins to roll out the first products based on its .9bn purchase of mobile expert Starent Networks. Berry used hindsight to backdate stock option grants approximately ten times during her tenure at KLA. Berry responded to this query on the state of the current record. If I am reading your response correctly it sounds like from a legal standpoint you think we could pass the audit test if challenged. A portion inserted below Nyberg's email appears to contain faded text (likely red text, printed grey and successively faded by reproduction). Berry's answer; however, it is impossible to determine how Ms. KLA used stock options to "recruit, retain, and incentivize key employees." Compl. KLA's primary stock option plan prohibited the corporation from granting in-the-money stock options to its employees.

The second illustration comes just two months later, when KLA's stock had continued to climb. The selection of the actual grant date, however, allegedly occurred in December, when the stock price was over . The second document referenced by the SEC and provided by Ms. Sonsini at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati and cc'ed to Judith Mayer O'Brien. The document is also marked "Attorney-Client Privilege" and "Attorney Work Product" and Bates stamped "KLA-SEC." The memo purports to be a summary of the past two board meetings to inform Mr. Juniper Networks has agreed to pay a massive 9 million fee to settle a class-action lawsuit with New York Clity pension funds and other investors over a backdated stock options scandal.The settlement will be major blow to Juniper's bottom line. Berry's knowledge of the impropriety of KLA's stock option granting practices.' The SEC does so by selectively quoting passages from two internal KLA documents in its complaint. Berry's circulation of a memo regarding options grants in early December of 1998. Since the date and price were not announced at the All Employee Meeting on November 5th and a memo went out from Ken Levy to all employees stating that the decision would be made at a meeting between November 5 and December 31, it looks like we are picking the October 19th date for the price. Berry's response to the email asking for her confirmation on the legality of the option grant reads "My responses are in red." Id. ¶ 11, and points to two instances that allegedly demonstrate Ms. The first document is a low-quality copy of an email exchange that shows Ms. The first [issue] is whether we would be able to pass the `audit' test of not setting a date in the past in order to get a better price. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Form 10-Q 1997 through Ms. Berry "reviewed, discussed, and finalized" KLA's March 31, 1999 quarterly reports.

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Berry allegedly directed the grant of backdated options to new employees ("new hire" grants) and current employees ("peak performance" grants).

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