Beauties dating beasts

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Beauties dating beasts

Plants are late-ish to mature, but when they do you can expect an abundance of them.If you're garden is protected and receives full sun these will do well in the ground in northern states.Grown well, fruits can be huge - I have had several fruits that I could barely wrap both of my hands around!Keeping the fruits picked will increase overall yields.I requested this variety from the USDA Seed Bank (GRIN - GRIF 1552) in 2013.Research uncovered that this is an old commercial variety from Bulgaria of which a Plant Protection Patent was granted for between 19, with the potential of it having received a second PPP after the first one expired. Stocky, compact plants have the potential to produce some really big thick-walled bell peppers that like most begin green and mature to red.The plant produces well and does well in both cool and warm weather.It consistently produces large yields of blocky, four-lobed thick-walled fruit that are mild and sweet, tender and flavorful.

All I remember is these HUGE pepper plants in her garden when I was a kid, I am 56 now and I have planted these all of my adult life.

This Bulgarian heirloom is traditionally used for roasting, yet is also delicious eaten fresh. Robust plants produce tapered fruits measuring 2" wide by 6" long. When fully ripe the fruits mature to a deep orange-yellow color.

They can be harvested while still green or can be left on the plant to ripen to maturity.

Often served fried in Italy, they are also used in salads or stuffed, grilled with olive oil or in pizza and pasta dishes. The name of this Italian heirloom translates as ‘Horn of the Bull’. 3-1/2 inch fruits are 3- to 4-lobed but very meaty with many weighing up to half of a pound. Fruit separates easily from plant for trouble-free harvest. This is a created variety from Holland, which has been de-hybridized.

Fruits mature to a beautiful pumpkin orange color, but are edible in all stages. Thin-walled, 6-inch long, tapered fruits have are very flavorful.

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This one definitely needs to be staked, as plants will be heavily fruit laden.

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