Astronomical dating vedas

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Astronomical dating vedas

• Provides conclusive evidence that the Rig Veda is 12,000 years old.

• Establishes actual dates and places for many of the events in the Hindu epics.

as the earliest possible date for the Rig Veda, itself the oldest extant example of Indo-European literature. He explores such subjects as the astronomical significance of many Hindu deities and myths, the system of lunar asterisms used to mark time, the identity of the Asvins, and the sophisticated calendar of the ancients that harmonized solar and lunar cycles.

Sidharth provides incontrovertible evidence that such "advanced" astronomical concepts as precession, heliocentrism, and the eclipse cycle are encoded in these ancient texts, passages of which make perfect sense only if these astronomical keys are known. Calendric Astronomy, Astronomic Dating, and Archaeology: A New View of Antiquity and Its Science 10.

Based on internal evidence in the Mahabharata and Ramayana, he also becomes the first to establish likely dates--and even places--for the events described in these famous epics. Astronomy in the Rg Veda 5 The Unmythical Puranas: A Study in Reverse Symbolism 6. Vishnu as an Astronomical Symbol from the Vedas to the Puranas 11. Astronomy, Symbolism, and Ancient Indian Chronology: A Date for the Ramayana 13.

The Celestial Key to the Vedas is sure to astonish anyone concerned with astronomy, India, or the roots of civilization. When people think the sun ta setting (it is not so). Brahma's Day: The Great Cosmic Cycle and the Age of the Rg Veda 7.

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Title: Ancient Indian Astronomy Podcaster: Harith, Rahul, and Rohith Description: According to the Vedas, the holy scriptures of Ancient India, the birth of Indian astronomy dates to around second millennium BCE.

A leading astronomer proves that India had a thriving civilization capable of sophisticated astronomy long before Greece, Egypt, or any other world culture.I later found a confirmation of these numbers in the structure of the Atharvaveda and the Bhagavadgita.There are those who argue that human progress can be measured only in terms of scientific progress. Its development in a Vedanga treatise, presumptively, had been necessitated by enciphering and subsequent preservation in memory of large astronomical tables and files of astronomical data, which reached us in the form of Veda-s (Data, Sciences), Tantra-s (couplers of astro-ethical manuals), Itihasa-s (exact astro-mythological socio-ethical poems) and Purana-s (astroencyclopedias). The code was created by means of Vedic Sanskrit, a special programming language.

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Scholarly opinion has often swung between two extreme views on the past: one barbaric, the other idyllic.

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