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The present invention relates to isolated polypeptides having peptidyl-α-hydroxyglycine alpha-amidating lyase activity, methods for preparing such polypeptides and the use of such polypeptides in processes for producing C-terminal α-amidated peptides. The process begins in the trans-Golgi apparatus and continues as immature secretory granules. The Sequence Listing is made up of 26.3 kilobytes, and the information contained in the attached “SEQUENCE LISTING” is identical to the information in the specification as originally filed. In multicellular organisms certain peptides (“precursors”), like neuropeptides, are post-translationally modified in a series of enzymatic steps that cleave and further modify peptide substrates to yield fully functional bioreactive peptides.

In a few cases alpha-oxidative cleavage of an amino acid other than glycine has been observed.coli and yeast, as alpha amidating enzymes are not expressed naturally in these organisms.Therefore a C-terminal alpha amide must be introduced in the recombinantly expressed peptides using for an example an ex vivo modification with alpha amidating enzymes. 1, 2010 , which claimed priority of European Patent Application 09177593.2, filed Dec. for control of obesity and/or diabetes, or are under development as potential drugs. §371 national stage application of International Patent Application PCT/EP2010/068630 (published as W02011/067283), filed Dec. Several peptide hormones are today used as drugs in the treatment of humans, e.g.


Peptide which is posttranslationally modified by C-terminal amidation.

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