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Amber dating

As seen (above), Miz Rose and her new man were recently spotted together at her Slut Walk in Los Angeles. Remember when we told you that Amber Rose and Monte Morris were seemingly over after scrubbing each other off their social media?Amber Davies is dating a new man, James Hawkins, five months after her split from Love Island partner Kem Cetinay.The brunette beauty and her new boyfriend have recently gone public with their romance, with Amber sharing a series of videos from their date night and a sweet loved up snap.The Essex lad enjoys a lavish lifestyle, as his social media accounts reveal his numerous plush holidays and nights out with his large group of pals.Amber and James are said to have started seeing each other at the start of April 2018.We're told the ladies had a little spat this weekend -- unrelated to Amber's new bf -- but they've already squashed it. we're told it's very possible their paths will cross more often now, due to Amber and AE.BTW, if you're wondering what happened to Amber's NBA boyfriend, Monte Morris -- we're told she dumped his ass.

We're told Tyga and BC both approve of their respective friends banging -- but don't hold your breath for a double date.

Amber Rose was spotted smooching Tyga's best friend at her 4th annual Slut Walk this weekend -- and the new couple could mean more run-ins for Tyga and Blac Chyna.

Sources tell us Amber is dating Def Jam Records' Vice President of A&R Alexander 'AE' Edwards, who we're told she's been seeing for a few weeks now ...

Edwards is Tyga‘s best friend, and the model has known him since Kylie Jenner‘s ex was with Blac Chyna.

Although King Cairo Stevenson‘s parents approve of the relationship, they are NOT going to reunite anytime soon.

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