Am i a loser for online dating

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Am i a loser for online dating

It's really fucking degrading and forces you to be a sociopath.

I've been propositioned twice to get dinner with some chick before she went to a party (not with me).

But now after having incidents where my coworkers were spying on me and honestly seeing the personality changes some women go through once they open that app for the 2nd time I'm good.

Sadly, since I live in a small town, dating in person isn't much better either since even the average looking women are already in relationships or married. I bet if you actually become a cop you'll meet lots of women on the job. I just lol everytime, i stopped caring about a girlfriend, fuck that, makes me too depressed already when i see my brother hanging out with his girlfriend.I haven’t really quit but I’m definitely not relying on it...There’s this funny thing that happens when you turn 30 where all the sudden the same girls you matched with at 29 seem to just automatically have you filtered out of their search so the only women you match with are single mothers or women 25-35 that look like they’re 45 So it’s just a lot less fun now. I'm 32 and that's not my experience at all.I know a lot of women in committed relationships who keep their tinder active for shits and grins.And a lot of people are too afraid to meet strangers in person without weeks upon weeks of texting back and forth, which is boring as hell and could be handled in an hour over coffee. It's just way too easy to swipe left on someone if they have any kind of perceived flaw. You just get so much more of a complete picture in real life.

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It feels a lot worse even though in practice, it's nothing.

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