Alexis georgoulis nia vardalos dating dating and fashion

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Alexis georgoulis nia vardalos dating

That scene reminded of when Chaz and I visited an ancient temple at Ise in Japan. Our guide said, "Ah, I think maybe a better question may be more like, 'How many monks live in temple?

Outside the gates, monks sat on platforms inscribing scrolls. ' "Note: "Poupi" is pronounced "poopy." That would never get past the editor of a romance novel.

She has also made the mistake of allowing herself to be found in one of those situations that happen only in trashy romance novels.

The driver of her bus is a surly Greek named Poupi (Alexis Georgoulis), who has a beard that looks inspired by the Smith Bros.

She's like the winner of a beauty makeover at a Hollywood studio. To speculate on people's motives is risky and can be unfair.

Let me gently suggest that when Nia Vardalos made "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," she was an unlikely, saucy movie star who didn't take herself seriously. not only a hunk in real life but a huge star in his native country of Greece.

Learn more about him below and be sure to check out a behind-the-scenes video in which Nia Vardalos talks about how they cast Alexis for the role of "Poupi." A huge star in his native Greece, Alexis studied acting at the Jasmine Drama School, established by the great Greek actor Vasilis Diamantopoulos. He co-wrote and starred in the television series "Kinoumeni Ammos" and directed plays for the Greek National Theatre and the Kivotos Theatre in 2004, the latter a production of Neil Labute’s black comedy "The Shape of Things." Georgoulis is also a talented blues guitarist and civil engineer who studied at the National Technical University of Athens.

Director Donald Petrie was in pre-production in Los Angeles when he first saw the audition tape of Alexis Georgoulis, a popular TV star in his native Greece. "But he was one of the first ones to read, so we said 'Yeah, he’s really good, but we've got to keep looking.' But he set the bar, and even though we must have spent three months looking at other actors for this role, we finally realized we weren’t going to find anyone better than the first guy through the door.

After he shaves it off, he emerges as an improbably handsome, long-locked Adonis of the sort that customarily dates older women only if he has reason to think they are rich. There is, in short, nothing I liked about "My Life in Ruins," except some of the ruins.

The tourists are even allowed to consult the Oracle at Delphi.

; born 6 October 1974) is a Greek actor and producer who became particularly popular in Greece after his participation in the 2001 Greek television series Eisai to Tairi mou.

His first international feature film appearance was in My Life in Ruins, a romantic comedy, playing the love interest of Nia Vardalos.

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Nia Vardalos plays most of "My Life in Ruins" with a fixed toothpaste smile, which is no wonder, because her acting in the film feels uncomfortably close to her posing for a portrait.

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