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Nearly every man has yellow fever, even though I personally don’t like this expression, because it implicates that being attracted to Asian women is a sickness, a perverse fetish.

Isn’t it ironic that we men are labeled as liberal-minded, tolerant and progressive, when we say that we are attracted to women from races that are not so popular on the dating market, but we are automatically creepy perverts with psychological issues, when we say that we are attracted to Asian girls?

I know that you are determined to get girls from every country, even if you prefer Asian women. Not because they have to end up with them or because they can’t get girls from other races, but because they prefer them for several reasons.

I still remember that one day when I told a group of people that I have an Asian girlfriend and one of them turned towards me and said: I think I don’t have to mention that she was the ugliest, fattest and probably most sexually frustrated woman in the room.

On the one hand, I felt extremely sorry for her and for her non-existing intellect.

A lot of people think that way and as a result of this ridiculous way of thinking, a lot of reasons why white guys like Asian women bustle around that are not only far from reality, but also an insult for both races.One of the most common and also most negative stereotypes that Caucasian men have to face is that of the evil man who wants to have a submissive slave for the bedroom.I don’t know why this stereotype is so popular, but I am sure that it is somehow related to the fact that so many people believe that Asian women are nothing but submissive little dolls.If you really believe that, you will never do what you really want to do, which is the fastest way to end up completely miserable. Because they can’t get any woman back home and they have to end up dating the only girls who will take them…those poor guys.This is the biggest bullshit that I have ever heard.

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