15 year old guy dating a 17 year old

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15 year old guy dating a 17 year old

Here’s why: Even though he’s fine with you over-taking him financially, a high-value guy still wants to be someone who can provide for you in all kinds of ways.This doesn’t mean he wants to pay for everything, but he’ll work hard to be the kind of man who can protect and serve you, whether by being emotionally strong, financially independent, or by being able to treat you to incredible experiences and indulgent surprises.He kicks himself when he promised he’d book that restaurant and it totally slipped his mind. A guy who is great relationship material says nothing idly.The idea of not living up to his word is death to him. He doesn’t make empty proclamations of love that he doesn’t feel in his heart. He’ll stroke your hair and tell you you’re incredible.The best boyfriends are almost competitive about impressing you.He’ll want to do more and more things that turn you on, or spoil you crazy on an anniversary to show you just how much more he loves you than you love him.

He loves seeing what you make of your life and cares about protecting your dreams.

Just enjoy it (and for god’s sake let him know how happy his effort makes you ­– positive reinforcement works! Showing him that you notice and appreciate what he does for you is the best reward you can give him. You need help with your university paper and want someone to come and read it at 4am the night before submission? He’ll jump out of bed and into his car to come and save you before you’ve even put down the phone. In other words, be ready for a guy who will stand up for himself and won’t stand for being walked over. So sometimes he’ll need love and reassurance that everything will be ok.

He might not like the “damsel in constant distress”, but the “damsel having an occasional freak out” will make him drive all night like a knight riding to save a princess. He’s strong, and that means he doesn’t put up with draining people in his life. High value guys limit the amount of time they spend wallowing in self-pity after a setback. But then he’ll be back on his feet and fighting to get a grip again.

Because of this, sometimes Matt or I will be accused me of not paying enough attention to the men’s side of things.

For example, I’ve often read comments asking “Why not write a piece about what Ok. Usually when confronted with these questions I have a stock answer, which is simply that, were I writing for a male audience, of course I would have a great deal more to say about what men should be doing to impress women and improve themselves (and I have much to say on both).

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