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Aired 2-p ET • Holocaust Survivor Narrowly Avoided Synagogue Attack; White House Defends Trumps Rhetoric in Wake of Hate Crimes; National Mourns After Week of Unthinkable Violence. Aired 9-a ET • Lion Air Plane Crashes In Indonesia With 189 People Aboard. Aired 4-5p ET • 11 Killed In Deadliest Anti-Sematic Attack In US History; Suspect Posted Anti-Semitic Rants On Social Media.

Aired -4p ET • Lion Air Crashes with 189 Aboard Minutes After Takeoff; Serial Mail Bomb Suspect Appears in Florida Court; Social Media Network Used By Suspected Jewish Synagogue Shooter Shut Down; Eleven Killed in Deadliest Anti-Semitic Attack in U. Aired 4-5a ET • Death Penalty Possible for Synagogue Shooter; Interview with State Representative Jay Costa; Trump Continues to Blame Media for Heated Rhetoric; Suspicious Package Addressed to CNN Intercepted at Atlanta Post Office; Aired 10-a ET • Lion Air Plane Crash: Debris Found In Sea off Jakarta, Indonesia; Fans Mourn Leicester City F. Aired 3-4p ET • Synagogue Mass Shooting in Pittsburgh; Interfaith Vigil Remembering the Victims; Race Targeted Killings, Pipe Bomb mailings, and Anti-Semitism Murders within a Week.

Aired 8- 9p ET • Mass Murder At A Synagogue In Pennsylvania; Eleven Victims have been Identified; Aired 6-7p ET • Victims Of Mass Murder At A Synagogue In Pennsylvania were Identified and Remembered; President Trump Is Offering Calming Words About The Massacre In Pittsburgh; Republicans Claimed Mail Bomb Scares Were All A Liberal Plot; Aired 7-8p ET • Law Enforcement Arrests Suspect in Mail Bomb Spree; President Trump Comments on Media and Political Environment in Wake of Mail Bomb Suspect Arrest; Suspicious Package Discovered Near Post Office in Buffalo; Authorities Report Active Shooter Near Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Aired 10-11a ET • Serial Mail Bomb Suspect Arrested in Florida; Trump Calls for Civility but Continues to Blame the Media; Journalist's Fiancee Says His Death Was Unthinkable; New Airstrikes on Gaza; Duke and Duchess of Sussex Cheer Invictus Athletes.

Aired -11a ET • Right-Wing Conspiracy Plot to Smear Mueller Unravels; Who Killed Notorious Mobster "Whitey" Bulger; Officials Allow Families to Pick Through Debris for Mementos after Lion Air Crash; O'Connor Rejected Rehnquist's Marriage Proposal in 1950s.

Aired 3-4a ET • Protests Greet Trump on Visit to Pittsburgh Synagogue; India Unveils World's Tallest Statue; NASA Probe Closer to Sun than Any Other Spacecraft; Investigation Focused on Boeing 737 Max 8; Pakistan's High Court to Rule on Asia Bibi's Appeal; Challenges Facing Young Americans; Whitey Bulger Killed in Prison. Aired 2-3a ET • Trump Erupts at White House Counsel; Evidence Shows Mail Bomb Suspect Planned Attack For Months; Republican Candidate Accused of Running Anti-Semitic Ad.Aired 3-4a ET • Crews Searching For Lion Air Wreckage And Victims; Suspect In Pittsburg Shooting Appears In Court; Anti-Defamation League: Anti- Semitism On The Rise.Investigators Examine Helicopter's Flight Data Recorder; Family And Players Mourning Leicester City F. Owner; German Chancellor: Time To Start A New Chapter; Outpouring of Support for Pittsburgh Community; Calls for Justice; Saudi Public Prosecutor Meets with Turkish Authorities; Brazil's Shift to the Right; Changing South Korea's Workaholic Culture; Typhoon Yutu Hits the Philippines.Aired -11a ET • As Trump Points Finger at Media, White House Rejects Any Responsibility For Recent Attacks; Another Suspicious Package Sent to CNN. Calls For Transparent Probe; Boston Red Sox Beat L. Aired 4-5a ET • Leicester City's Owner's Helicopter Crashes; Erdogan Calls on Saudi Arabia to Extradite Khashoggi Murder Suspects; Polls Open Soon in Brazil's Election.Aired 3-p ET • Rabbi Myers Says 11 Of My Congregates Were Gunned Down in My Sanctuary; 11 Killed Including Husband and Wife, Doctor, Brothers; Suspect in Pipe Bomb Mailing in Court Today; Sarah Sanders Says Synagogue Attack was a Chilling Act of Mass Murder. Aired -6a ET • The Darkest Day In Pittsburgh History; President Donald Trump Asked If He Would Consider Toning Down His Rhetoric; The Pittsburgh Steelers, Honoring The Victims Today.

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Aired 2-3a ET • Joe Biden Holds Campaign Rally in Madison, Wisconsin; Voters Hit the Polls One Week for Midterm Elections; Aired 10-a ET • Whitey Bulger Killed in Prison; Controversy Erupts Over Trump's Visit to Pittsburgh.